Saturday, 26 February 2011


         It is a convention that prevention is better then cures. If all people will follow the healthy eating habits then about 80% health related problems move away. There are some tips to apply healthy eating habits. By adopting good eating tips you will be fit and fine always. These tips are:

1. If you want to be fit and fine then avoid eating oily food add fruits and vegetables in your breakfast.

2. To get protein add cereals, pulses and milk products like curd etc in your lunch and dinner.
Avoid eating fast food like snakes etc.

3. Do not eat much food in one time. Eat it in small amounts 2to 4 times in a day.
If you are fond of fruit juice, take it 20 to 30 minutes before your meals.

4. For better digestion do not forget to chew your meals properly.

5. Drink plenty of water during the whole day whenever you feel thirsty.

6. Take your meals with peace, happiness and calmness.

7. Do not watch TV while taking your meals. This habit is very common and it is very necessary to avoid it.

8. Try to omit Tea, coffee, wine, beer, drugs and smoking from your daily habits.

9. Do not keep any unhealthy food near your eating-place or in your house.

10. Try to avoid spicy food for your health.

Increase soyabean consumption

         Most of us know that soyabeans are excellent providers of nutrients, but how many of us eat this rich food? An easy way to include soyabeans in our diet is to add 500 gm of soyabean in 10 kg of wheat before it is milled. Eat these soya/wheat chapattis instead of regular wheat chapattis for a healthy, nutritious option.

Enjoy your meal

    * Don't rush through your meals.

    * Chew your food properly, so your system finds it easier to digest.

    * Have a lively conversation during meals.

    * Turn mealtimes into family time. Try and ensure that everyone eats at least one meal in a day together. Don't give your children meals in their room unless they have friends over. Make sure they sit with the rest of the family. If this is a rule from the beginning, they will find abide by it with more ease as they grow up.

* Remove the television from the dining room, or let it play music. You should not be watching the tube while eating, you should be talking to each other, remember?

  * Believe it or not, enjoying a meal is actually far healthier than eating when depressed or anxious

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